Unsolved Mysteries Of Space

A star filled sky

There are so many stories about the universe. Everything is shrouded in mystery. There are some interesting things about space which are really mysterious. Let us have a look at some of these mysteries of the universe for which there seems to be no answer.

The Dark Matter

All that we see is planets, asteroids, etc. But this covers just a small amount of the universe. According to experts a large amount of the Universe is made up of dark matter. This is something that we cannot see. It is something that we cannot understand. But it is there and everything revolves around this. Whether these dark matters are particles or whether it is gravity or something else no one knows.

Unsolved Mysteries Of Space

Dark Energy

According, to scientist 5% are the things that we see in the universe, 25% is dark matter. The remaining 70% is believed to be dark energy. This energy is thought to be a force which is trying to pull things apart from each other. According, the experts the expansion of the universe is due to this dark energy. But no one knows from where this dark energy comes.

Quantum Entanglement

This involves linking of two particles that are in the different parts of the space. These particles are believed to mirror the behaviour of the partner. This is believed to be a little absurd because the particles need to send signals to each other at a speed which is faster than light. However, studies show that this phenomenon does exist.

The Fermi Paradox

This refers to two contradiction things that the existence of extraterrestrial life and no evidence that can prove that we are not alone in the universe. Man has managed to identify planets which may be like the earth. But still, we have got no concrete evidences that life exists on other planets. There are theories that the aliens are avoiding us or some say that they have a short life. But as of now, we have no facts about the same.

Unsolved Mysteries Of Space

Black Holes

These are like monsters in space. The gravitational force in these black holes is so large that anything close to it is drawn inside it. It is believed that there are 100 million black holes in our galaxy. So you can just imagine the number of black holes in the entire universe.

The Sound Of The Universe

Interestingly the universe is not silent. There is this roar which is actually radio waves. We use these for communication. But we have no idea about the origin of these radio signals.

Will It End

There have been prophecies about earth coming to an end. There are theories like the big crunch or Big Breeze or the Big Rip which will result in the end of the universe. Today we know that the universe will come to an end. How and when that only time can tell.

These are just a few mysteries about the universe. If you try to get into all the details you will realise that the list is endless.

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