This Is What It Takes To Join NASA

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Being an astronaut remains to be one of the coolest jobs any individual can have. Every kid, at some point, has aspired to work for NASA and lead the exploration of outer space for the human race. Eventually, kids outgrow this dream, except for a very few. If you are one of those rare people who is still aiming to have this job, then that good for you.

Assuming you are already at the right age to make the necessary steps to land this job, you should know by now that is is not easy. You need to be among the best of the best in your field. NASA only hires the top-tier people in Engineering, Astrophysics, Biology, and other sciences. If you become one, then you have a chance to get shortlisted. And there will still be a long arduous process after that.

But help you become more motivated to become an astronaut. We have listed you some awesome facts on what it’s like to become a NASA Astronaut.

How Will You Know That You Are A Candidate

If the agency thinks that you have what it takes to become a spaceman, they will simply give you a call. The call would come from the Flight Operations Director and the chief of the Astronaut Office.

After you get the call, you will be reporting for duty in the Johnson Space Center in August. You will also have a few weeks to make the arrangements needed before moving to Houston.

What NASA Astronauts Do Most Of The Time

Of course, Astronauts won’t be spending their whole career in space. In fact, a majority of astronauts will spend only a really small fraction of their time in space. Unless their task is to man a space station for years, that would be a different story. A great chunk of your time as an astronaut will be for training. Your first two years will be for basic training. There will also be survival skills training, technical skills, language, and whatever else you will require. Only after you graduate from this training, you will receive a space mission task.

How Does The Basic Training Look Like

Basic Training is actually an intense process that you need to undergo before getting certified to fly. This process involves learning how to walk in space, how to do robotics, and how to fly airplanes. The coolest but most difficult part of the training will be learning how to operate the International Space Station.

This Is What It Takes To Join NASA
This Is What It Takes To Join NASA

Basically, this training will test not only your physical but also your intellectual capacity. And the training will be so intense to see if you can handle the challenges in space.

Which Vehicles Will You Ride In

Currently, a NASA astronaut will ride the Russian Soyuz spacecraft to reach the International Space Station. If you are lucky enough to be a part of a deep space exploration team, then you will board the Orion. The Orion spacecraft is capable of reaching the moon and Mars. There is also a chance that future our astronauts will be riding spacecraft made by SpaceX.

You Can Be The Next NASA Space Man

There is absolutely more to being an astronaut than what we are able to share here. Of course, the application, recruitment, training, and deployment processes are much more complicated. But we hope that you got the gist of it and got even more excited to become an astronaut.

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