5 Awesome Facts About The Hubble Telescope

Awesome Things You Need To Know About The Hubble Telescope

1995 was the time when it showed the world what it was capable of. Its operators allowed it to stare at a random direction for 10 days hoping it would catch something interesting. The lengthy exposure actually paid off with the set of images called the “Hubble Deep Field”. This set of images showed humans the most astonishing images of galaxies and star systems never seen before. In the present, it has already supplied us with 5000 stunning images of galaxies.

5 Important Tips To Buying A Refracting Telescope

5 Important Tips In Buying A Refracting Telescope

A lot of telescopes in the market get advertised as “high-power”. It would be really easy to get attracted to a scope that promises 300x power. What you should know that power is actually overrated when it comes to telescopes. High magnification does help in making objects appear larger. However, it also means that it collects a lot of light making images look fainter in your eyepiece. If you are only planning to view the beautiful clusters and nebulae across the sky, a lower power one will provide you better viewing.

How To Take Care Of Your Telescope

Easy To Follow Guide in Taking Care of Your Telescope

If you have no choice and you really need to clean the lens,
there is a proper way to do it. Don’t get your microfiber cloth right away and
start wiping. This can do the lens a lot of damage.

The best way would be to use air in cleaning it. If you
don’t have a gentle enough and appropriate tool, you can use your mouth.
However, you should never blow on it since your saliva might get to the lens.
The best way would be to cover the end of the lens with your fingers and start
to suck air in from one side. This will eventually suck the dust on the lens if
you do it the right way.

Understanding The Different Types Of Telescope

A Look At The Different Types Of Telescope

Astronomy is an interesting subject. Those who are keen to understand astronomy need one basic thing. That is the telescope.

All About The Refracting Telescope

All That You Need To Know About Refracting Telescope

Astronomy enthusiasts must be aware that refracting telescope is an important type of telescope.

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