Interesting Facts About The Planets Of Our Solar System

The universe is full of mystery that’s for sure. For sure there is so much weird and unexplained stuff occurring in the depths of it. There is even enough of them here in our own solar system planets. Some of them are somewhat given an explanation by humans (much of it are theories by the […]

4 Reasons Why We Can’t Live In Other Planets

4 Reasons Why We Can't Live In Other Planets

The worst heat wave that humans have recently experienced
happened in Australia. During this time people suffered from a heat that peaked
at 46. degrees Celsius for 8 straight days. People have died during this time
due to heat stroke. This is why we can’t live in Mercury.

Mercury, being the closest planet to the sun can reach temperatures of 450 degrees Celsius during the day. And this is not the worst part yet. Because it does not have an atmosphere to trap the heat, it gets freezing cold during the night. The night temperatures in Mercury can drop to -170 degrees Celsius. And just to make matters worst, a single day in this planet lasts for 1407.5 Earth hours.

A Look At The Different Types Of Planets

The astronomers make use of different criteria to classify the celestial bodies. Composition of the planet is one such important factor.

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