Ultimate Guide To Backyard Astronomy

Ultimate Guide in Starting Backyard Astronomy

Doing your research is essential in any type of hobby that you want to get into. Most especially when it comes to Astronomy. Observing the night sky is much more interesting if you know what you are looking for. You can start ransacking your local library to get your hands on books that teach the basics in this subject.

If you do not have the time to do that, you can also do your
research online. Another great resource is the Sky & Telescope magazine.
This magazine can provide you with sky maps each month, observing tips, and
engaging projects to work on. The more maps, guidebooks, and resources you dive
into the more things you know you can discover. And it just makes it a whole
lot more interesting.

How To Choose The Right Telescope For Your Needs

You should know that aperture is the most important feature
of a telescope. It is basically the diameter of the light gathering mirror in
the telescope. This means that the larger it is the better you will see objects
through it. Astronomers use telescopes with apertures that are as large as 400
inches. And this allows them to see even the faintest images far off in the
outer space in fine detail.

If you are a hobbyist, buying a telescope with an aperture
that has 4 to 6 inches aperture will be good enough. It will already allow you
to see some great views in the space especially if the weather is perfect.

This Is What It Takes To Join NASA

4 Reasons Why We Can't Live In Other Planets

Being an astronaut remains to be one of the coolest jobs any individual can have. Every kid, at some point, has aspired to work for NASA and lead the exploration of outer space for the human race. Eventually, kids outgrow this dream, except for a very few. If you are one of those rare people […]

4 Companies That Will Take You To Space

There are talks that SpaceX which is led by Elon Musk will be the first company to send space tourists into space. This due to their extensive experience in launching flights to the outer space. In 2017, the SpaceX CEO announced that they will send 2 paying customers on a trip around the moon. The flight was initially planned for 2018 but delayed due to some reasons. However, if you have followed the journey of this company. You know they will come through.

5 Awesome Facts About The Hubble Telescope

Awesome Things You Need To Know About The Hubble Telescope

1995 was the time when it showed the world what it was capable of. Its operators allowed it to stare at a random direction for 10 days hoping it would catch something interesting. The lengthy exposure actually paid off with the set of images called the “Hubble Deep Field”. This set of images showed humans the most astonishing images of galaxies and star systems never seen before. In the present, it has already supplied us with 5000 stunning images of galaxies.

8 Rare Astronomical Events We Can Still Experience

This comet periodically orbits around our sun every 75 years. It got its name from the astronomer who discovered it on 1531, Edmund Halley. Astronomers reported that this comet is 9 miles long and 5 miles wide and made mostly of icy particles. During its journey through our solar system, it gets illuminated by the sun making it visible in some parts of Earth. The next time it will visit near Earth will be in the year 2061.

Interesting Facts About The Planets Of Our Solar System

The universe is full of mystery that’s for sure. For sure there is so much weird and unexplained stuff occurring in the depths of it. There is even enough of them here in our own solar system planets. Some of them are somewhat given an explanation by humans (much of it are theories by the […]

6 Moon Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

6 Moon Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

Well, there are actually two strong theories on how the moon formed. The first one is that an object as big as Mars has hit our planet and dislodged a big chunk of Earth which became our satellite. Another theory is that it is some space object that wandered too close to the Earth’s orbit and got stuck there. Planetary scientists and theorists have long debated as to which one should it be. But, whichever side wins, one thing stays true. The moon is nothing but space debris.

5 Important Tips To Buying A Refracting Telescope

5 Important Tips In Buying A Refracting Telescope

A lot of telescopes in the market get advertised as “high-power”. It would be really easy to get attracted to a scope that promises 300x power. What you should know that power is actually overrated when it comes to telescopes. High magnification does help in making objects appear larger. However, it also means that it collects a lot of light making images look fainter in your eyepiece. If you are only planning to view the beautiful clusters and nebulae across the sky, a lower power one will provide you better viewing.

5 Beautiful Stargazing Spots In The World

5 Beautiful Stargazing Spots In The World

Stargazing is fast becoming a popular hobby for people love being outdoors. Viewing the stars through a telescope while out in nature is an immemorial experience by the way. People who love this activity are quite lucky right now. This is because technology has improved telescopes a lot. And aside from that, new awesome places to view the starts have opened up for tourists.

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