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star fun facts

There are many fascinating star fun facts that people like to know about. It has been found out that there are around 9,097 stars in a visible eye that a naked human eye can see. To notice faint stars, one will have to use Telescopes. Around 2,000 stars are visible from the naked eye on a dark day. Astronomers estimated that there are over a trillion stars present in the milky way galaxy. The bigger the star is, the shorter is its lifespan. A massive star will only live for a few million years, whereas a tiny little star can live for a billion years. This content is about some star fun facts that have been continuing to awestruck people for a very long time.

The Sun Is The Closest Star – Star Fun Facts

The sun’s being the closest star is probably one of the fascinating star fun facts. The Sun is 150 million kilometers away from the Earth. It is, in fact, classified as a G2 yellow dwarf star. The astronomers have found that for 4.2 billion years, the Sun has been converting hydrogen into helium at the core. It is very likely that the Sun will continue to convert hydrogen into helium for another 7 to 8 billion years. Astronomers have said that when the Sun runs out of all the fuel, it will just be a huge, round, red ball which will bloat many times its current size. It will probably consume Mercury, Venus, and Earth as well, in the process of expanding.

Mass = Temperature = Color

This is probably one of the most unbelievable star fun facts. The stars can be red, white or blue. The coolest color of the star is red. The temperature is less than 3,500 kelvin. The color of the sun is yellowish-white, and the temperature Is around 6,000 kelvin. The hottest stars known are blue. The temperature of these stars is around 12,000 kelvin. These state that the temperature and color of the stars are correlated. The more the mass, the larger is the core of the star. This means large amounts of nuclear fission will take place in the core, which will make the star hotter.

Most Stars Come In Multiples – Star Fun Facts

This is one of those fun star facts that people do not believe easily. When a person looks up at the sky, he might feel that all the stars are by themselves, but it is not. Most of those stars that a human eye sees come in pairs. These stars are known as binary stars. They tend to orbit a common center of gravity. Astronomers have discovered many other systems that have 4, 5, or even more stars.


Stars have always fascinated humans, and they have always wanted to know some fun star facts which could help them know these better. The closest star to the Earth is the Sun. It is almost 150 million kilometers away from the Earth and has a temperature of around 6000 kelvin. Also, the greater the star is, the shorter is its lifespan.

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