Pictures From Space! Our Image Of The Day


Space is a wonderful place and we keep getting pictures as proof. However, there are a lot of people who are super excited to know about the space and they literally keep checking the internet for new pictures. You might know that there is live tracking of the activities that are happening over there are anybody can check out that if they are interested. It is possible to now literally keep checking every single minute of the activity as the technology has become so much upgraded. You should know about a few masterpieces that have literally taken away everyone’s mind. Let’s check out those.

Milky Way Over ALMA

Pictures from Space! Our Image of the Day
Pictures from Space! Our Image of the Day

Well, this is a picture from October 18th, 2019. This is more like a Friday’s tale you can say. However, this glistens above more than four antennas of the Atacama large submillimeter and millimeter array, more precisely a telescope array in northern Chile. The antennas are basically located at ALMA’s Array operation site at an altitude of 16,400 feet and that is near from Chajnantor plateau. However, the facility is definitely one of the most popular human-made structures in the whole world.

Asteroid Zips Across The Crab Nebula

This is a picture taken on the 16th of October, 2019. The Crab Nebula is among the most fascinating celestial objects that you will be able to observe using the high-performance telescopes and deep space scopes mankind has at the moment. The nebula itself is a fascinating place. The birthplace of stars glows against the darkness of the universe. And, when we see asteroids zipping across the nebula, it creates a fascinating show! If you ever have the chance to witness any nebula, whether or not asteroids are zipping past it, certainly the view will be as glorious as it can ever be!

Ghost Nebula Pictures From Space

Pictures from Space! Our Image of the Day
Pictures from Space! Our Image of the Day

Believe it or not, there is a nebula that looks nothing like the rest. It looks like a spirit or a ghost. Hence, the name Ghost Nebula! Well, this nebula is certainly a stunner, even though it does not have any well-defined shape. So, the next time you are checking out nebulas, don’t miss this one out. You can even send it out to your friends having a special interest in astronomy as Halloween greeting the next time! Now, that will be unique, isn’t it?

Moonrise At Sunrise Pictures From Space

When we are talking about pictures from space, how can we forget about the enigmatic pictures of earth from space? One such image is the image of the horizon of earth showing moonrise at sunrise. Well, you will not believe it until you have checked the image yourself. You can easily get it from NASA where you will find crescent moon over the blue horizon of the earth. The golden glow of the sunrise adds a special touch to the entire shot.

Space is something we all dream about. And, the images from space certainly fuels our imagination and takes it way beyond the horizons of our solar system.