Phone Camera Lens Zoom With Tripod

Level up your phone photography skills with the Phone Camera Lens Zoom with Tripod This lens allows you to zoom up to 40x which enables you to take photos even from the far side. A super lovely accessory for your phone which you can use both for your passion for photography and travel use. You can also use this lens as a telescope for your phone. This lens is suitable both day and night and still capture clear photos. With its HD vision function, you will be able to take pictures up to 40x of magnification using BAK4 prism lens design. Capture portraits and landscapes using this Phone Camera Lens Zoom with Tripod and you will see exciting and very distinct photo results.

Phone Camera Lens Zoom With Tripod

If you want good photographs or want to ace at your photography skills with the lens of your phone camera you can zoom the pictures with the help of the tripod. The lens will hence, allow up to 40x to zoom for your pictures. However, this feature helps you to click your desired photo even from a distance. This photography accessory can be used both as a skill and love of clicking pictures, especially in a travel mode.

HD Vision Monocular

This lens acts like a telescope for your cell phone. These lenses are, however, suitable to be used both day and night. It will still capture the amazing view you are aiming for. It has an HD vision as a function that helps you to zoom up to 40x to capture your picture. Meanwhile, you can even magnify your pictures using BAK4 design for lens prism.

One-Hand Operation

These lenses can be easily managed by using just one hand. Effortlessly install your cell phone to this tripod and enjoy clicking. Position your cell phone well and fix the position of the bracket so that it is easy for you to focus on the picture than on these basic setups.

This product has a steady and firm surface enabling you to take some amazing pictures and even record as per your wish. It is perfect for various occasions like sports, concerts or vacations and so on. Capture your memories and make use of that perfect moment to capture.

Durable Quality

These lenses have a texture that is anti-skid in nature, while you hold the product with only one-hand grip. It is quite secured as it has rubber protection and is durable if the product drops accidentally. It also has a compass for directions.


You can record videos without the need to support the phone by your hand. Merely find a steady surface and install your camera with this lens and start recording. Perfect to use for any occasion like bird watching, sports, concerts, vacations, and many more. You will be able to capture unforgettable memories and even capture sceneries and events that are far from you. So, grab the product now and express yourself through the pictures you click.

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