NASA Hubble Space Telescope Pictures

hubble space telescope pictures

If you have an interest in astronomy or space travel, and have made plans to join a mission to outer space, you will surely be aware of NASA’sHubble Space Telescope. The famed space observatory has been orbiting the Earth since 1999, enabling astronomers to discover new worlds and stars. Launched by NASA’s Space Shuttle Columbia, the Space Telescope is one of two independent satellites to be launched into orbit around the moon, allowing astronomers to seek out planets outside our solar system. The other satellite in this fleet is the Ice Cream Screen/AGE (Advanced Explorer Satellite) which was destroyed during re-entry. Both crafts are operating successfully today, providing humankind with a valuable vantage point of our nearby planets.

An Overview

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Astronomy enthusiasts have enjoyed watching the various images the telescope takes of the strange new worlds that it has discovered. From the faraway island called Ooty, situated in India, to the dwarf planetoid Sedna which is located within the asteroid belt, these pictures from NASA’s renowned telescope have astounded the public. When looking at any of the pictures captured by the Hubble telescope, you will notice the faint outlines of mountains and seas as well as foggy skies. These all natural phenomena are a clear indication that you are looking at something that is not at all normal.

When talking about outer space, one cannot miss talking about telescopes such as the Great Astronomy Project (AGP). This was a joint project between the European Space Agency and NASA, which focused on finding several small icy objects which may be capable of being explored by human beings in the future. The objects were found within the Oort Cloud, an imaginary sea of ice and debris that exists almost entirely beyond the edge of the solar system. AGP also looked for objects which had been left behind by space dust which had previously been in the inner reaches of our solar system.

NASA Hubble Telescope Pictures

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Another great example can be observed in the Ooty-orbitary orbital debris mission, which is managed by the Indian Space Research Organization. This research project is designed to study various minor icy objects which are beyond the orbit of Earth and thus, are not easily detectable by conventional means. While taking the images from the satellite, it is very easy to see the hexagon-shaped nucleus of comet Hale-Bopp. This is actually a very close-approach comet with a size of about 0.9 miles from the surface of Earth. This discovery is quite exciting because many astronomers had already predicted its discovery.

It is important to note that the greatest achievement achieved by NASA while exploring space and the stars is the James Bond Space Shuttle. This was a robotic space probe which became capable of unmanned operations and exploration of space. It was designed to land on the moon, however, and was used in a way that was completely unbelievable. It captured pictures of unusual sounding “asteroids” and even took videos of them as they passed by the moon.

In fact, there are many other amazing achievements that have been made by robotic space telescopes. One such craft is the European Space Agency, which has a satellite called the Mars Express. It is a robotic space telescope, which uses a laser to take the high resolution pictures of space which is necessary for studying these objects. There have also been some amazing robotic explorations which have been done using robotic space telescopes.

Bottom Line

In order to get the best possible images from NASA’s Hubble space telescope, it is imperative to avail the service of an authorized service provider. Such experts have the required expertise and experience which are needed to get the best images. Some of the best optical services providers offer panoramic views which can be used for wide-ranging planning and designing of photographic images. This is especially needed when planning the photographic tour of space, which is often quite an expensive affair. Such a service would enable one to plan the photographic tour and set the parameters on how many images should be taken and at what specific time.

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