Mind-Blowing Facts About Our Milky Way Galaxy

Mind-Blowing Facts About Our Milky Way Galaxy

We know a lot about our own world. And yet we know so little about our own galaxy and the other galaxies.

And this is quite expected because of the Milky Way Galaxy is so vast that it is quite impossible to unlock all its mysteries.

The sheer amount of celestial bodies that consisted is enough for us to say that it is simply a task we can’t do.

However, we do know some things about it. These few facts are fascinating and awe-inspiring at the same time. It’s time to learn them.

Mind-Blowing Facts About Our Milky Way Galaxy
Mind-Blowing Facts About Our Milky Way Galaxy

We don’t know how many stars are inside it

Up until now, humans have not found a way to know how many stars are in our galaxy. Counting stars can be a tedious undertaking, and even scientists can’t agree on a way to do it.

Some scientists suggested looking at how stars orbit inside it to know the mass of the galaxy.

There are also some that the best way is to divide the galactic mass to the average size of a star. The European Space Agency tried to map the location of 1 billion stars in our galaxy.

And they believe it is only 1% of the total number of stars in the Milky Way.

A giant black hole is lurking in the heart of our galaxy

Scientists have reason to believe that a giant black hole lurks in the heart of the Milky Way. They believe it has a size of 4 million suns.

The scientists who made this assumption based it on the observation of the stars in our galaxy’s center.

They seem to orbit a supermassive object that our telescopes have not spotted yet.

Milky Way sometimes eat small galaxies

A small cluster of stars considered as galaxies orbit our own galaxy and sometimes clash with it. Sometimes, when they get to be close too the Milky Way, they get eaten by it.

Just recently, astronomers observed how stars move in a narrow line inside our galaxy. They found out that it was a dwarf galaxy slowly getting consumed by ours.

It is actually full of toxic grease

Surprising as it may sound, a bunch of dirty grease is present in outer space. It mostly swirls around empty spaces between stars.

This grease is also known as aliphatic carbon compound which is an organic molecule. Scientists actually love this space grease since to be it is carbon, an essential building block for all living things.

Mind-Blowing Facts About Our Milky Way Galaxy
Mind-Blowing Facts About Our Milky Way Galaxy

Stars from neighboring galaxies are racing towards our own

Scientists recently found that a bunch of stars is zooming into our galaxy at hyper speed. They theorized that what caused this is the black hole in the center to be the Milky Way.

We are being bombarded by energy pulses from the other galaxies

Astronomers have been observing odd flashes of light coming from distant cosmos to be for more than a decade now.

These fast radio bursts are still a mystery and have no explanation up until now. Some scientists actually think that they are signals from other galaxies.

The weight of the Milky Way is not known until now

People who study the space guess that our galaxy weighs at a range of  700 billion to 2 trillion tons times the sun’s mass. One of the most recent studies estimate is that it is 960 billion tons times the mass of the Sun.

This was all calculated based on how its gravity tugs on smaller galaxies.

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