Intriguing Mysteries Of The Solar System

There are so many things about our solar system that are still unsolved. These things have baffled the greatest of scientists. Let us have a closer look at some of the most fascinating mysteries about our cosmic neighborhood.

The Mysteries Of Ceres And Vesta

Ceres is a tiny planet in our cosmic system. Nothing much is known about this planet. It is only believed that there are chances that it has rock, ice and maybe even ocean. It is believed that it may have large quantities of water.

On the other hand, its twin Vesta is found to be rather dry. NASA spacecraft Dawn is going to explore both these planets which might help in unfolding a number of mysteries. It might help in knowing the biggest question of whether life can exist on Ceres.

Intriguing Mysteries Of The Solar System

The Methane Burps Of Mars

90% of the methane in the earth’s atmosphere is due to living things. But even Mars has these occasional methane burps. Naturally, scientists are eager to find out where this methane of mars is coming. There is one more mystery about this planet in our solar system. Every now and then the methane keeps disappearing. Now it is said that methane will remain stable in the atmosphere for 300 years. So where does the methane from this planet disappear?

The Missing Geysers Of Europa

The icy moon of Jupiter is called Europa. Now in the year 2013 scientist had discovered 200 km high geysers that were shooting from the South Pole of Europa. So, scientists started feeling that the orbital probe of this moon would help in getting information about the possibility of alien life. But later on, no water vapor was found. Later there were doubts about whether geysers were actually detected by the Hubble Space Telescope.

Intriguing Mysteries Of The Solar System

The Bright Clumps In The F Ring Of Saturn

When NASA analyzed and compared data it was found that there was a decrease in the bright clumps in the F ring of Saturn. This ring is made up of small icy specs. The exact reason for the decline in the clumps in not known.

The Great Red Spot On Jupiter

Jupiter is known for its dark red spot. Now there are different theories for the source of this dark spot. According to some scientists, the red spot is due to the chemicals that form beneath the visible clouds of the planet. Some scientist feels that the red spot is due to the ultraviolet rays of the sun breaking up chemicals like ammonia in Jupiter’s upper atmosphere.

The Invisible Shield Around The Earth

There is a pair of radiation belts around the earth. These contain high energy electrons and protons. The magnetic field of the earth hold these belts in place. But it has been found that these rings shrink and swell. There are several theories that try to explain this shield. There is no explanation that can explain this mystery of the solar system.

These are some of the unsolved facts about this cosmic system.

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