Interesting Facts About The Planets Of Our Solar System

The universe is full of mystery that’s for sure. For sure there is so much weird and unexplained stuff occurring in the depths of it. There is even enough of them here in our own solar system planets. Some of them are somewhat given an explanation by humans (much of it are theories by the way). While some are a complete puzzle.

6 Totally Weird Things About Solar System Planets
6 Totally Weird Things About Solar System Planets

We have compiled some of the most baffling occurrences of phenomena in other planets close to us. You might already know some of them. But either way, they are still things that are worthy to marvel about.

The Great Red Spot in Jupiter is a Giant Storm

It is actually a little scary to know that the red spot on Jupiter’s surface is a storm. And not just any storm. It is a giant storm that has been around for more than 300 years inside the planet. What’s really scary is that the diameter of the storm is three times larger than the Earth. It does fade from time to time, but it always comes back.

Dust Storms on Mars Can Cover the Whole Planet

Another scary occurrence in a solar system planet are the dust storms on Mars. We do have dust storms here on Earth but they are nothing compared to the ones on Mars. You see, these storms last for months and can blanket the whole planet. So if you have dust allergies, your chances of moving to Mars can be quite slim. Totally kidding. 

6 Totally Weird Things About Solar System Planets
6 Totally Weird Things About Solar System Planets

The Rings Of Saturn Are Gigantic

Well, saying that the rings are of this planet is gigantic is actually quite an understatement. It actually has one ring that is 200 times the diameter of the Saturn itself. To give you an idea of the scale of that, you can actually fit 1 billion Earths.

The Solar System Planet Neptune Has Brutal Winds

The only word that I can think up when describing the winds inside this planet is brutal. And it might just suffice since the jet streams in it can reach 1,500 mph. It is actually a puzzle where it gets the energy to generate these strong winds since it is too far from the sun. One thing is for sure though. We are not welcome in that planet.

A crash tilted Uranus forever

This is still a theory on how Uranus tilted, but a lot of scientists quite agree on it. So the theory is an Earth-sized planet or object clashed with it and changed its position. It actually sounds like a theory Earthlings would make up to explain space phenomena. There is also the chance that when it formed, it was already in that position.

Venus is literally a hot, toxic ball in the solar system

This solar system planet might be the prettiest, but it definitely is the most unlivable one. The surface of Venus is pretty much a scorching landscape of lava and exploding volcanoes. This is because it is the second closest planet from the sun and its atmosphere is a thick cloud of toxic gases. Yet another planet that wants humans to stay out.

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