Interesting Facts About Stars

Cool Things About Stars

When you look at the sky those twinkling diamonds in the sky amuse you. Stars are truly astonishing. They are not just amazing to watch. But they also have some amazing facts about them. So let us check out the amazing things about these amazing celestial bodies.

The Mysterious Sun

Sun is just 150 million kms away from us. This is a G2 yellow dwarf celestial body. From the past, 4.5 billion years sun is converting hydrogen into helium at its core. It might continue to do so for many more billion years. When it has no more fuel it will be a red giant. It will expand in its size. There are chances that it will consume venus and mercury and maybe even us.

This Is What They Are Made Of

The collapsing of clouds of cold molecular hydrogen will cause fragmentation.  These fragments will become individual stars. The material will form a ball. It will continue to collapse under its own gravity. Finally, it will ignite nuclear fusion at its core.

Cool Things About Stars
Cool Things About Stars

They Maintain Perfect Balance

If these bodies continue to collapse under the influence of their gravity then they will eventually break down to the smallest size. But there is a pressure which acts against the gravitational collapse. The nuclear fusion generates a large amount of energy. This way a kind of balance is maintained in these celestial bodies.

Most Of Them Are Red Dwarfs

The red dwarfs are much less in size as compared to the sun. These have 7.5% of the mass of the sun. The energy with which they burn is less than 1/10,000th of the sun.

Mass Temperature And Colour All Linked

The mass, temperature and the colour of the stars are interlinked. Red colour is a cool body. Here the temperature will be less than 3500 Kelvin. Sun is yellowish white with an average temperature of 6000 kelvin. Blue colour is of the hottest celestial bodies. They have temperature of more than 12000 Kelvin.

Now the temperature will depend on the mass. More the mass more will be the temperature of the celestial body. However, there can be exceptions.

Cool Things About Stars
Cool Things About Stars

They Come In Multiples

They are not all by themselves. They are in multiples. They can be binary or they can be in clusters of 3 or 4 or more celestial bodies.

Massive One’s Will Have Short Lives

The massive bodies are much larger than the sun. Naturally, they will use more of their energy. They will lose all their energy fast. As a result, they have short lives as compared to the ones which have a smaller size.

They Are Far Too Many

Our milky way alone has around 200 to 300 billion shining celestial bodies. Now there are more than 500 billion galaxies in the Universe. So you can just imagine the number of these shining celestial bodies in our universe.

These are some of the interesting facts about these beautiful celestial bodies. These are far away from us and next to impossible to travel between them.

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