How To Take Care Of Your Telescope


Taking care of your telescope is an important skill if you are new at astronomy. This is not only because this equipment is expensive that some of them can cost $500 or more. It is also because a well-maintained telescope helps in enhancing your sky viewing experience. So whether you have a $100 telescope or the much more expensive ones, you need to read this guide.

Easy To Follow Guide in Taking Care of Your Telescope
Easy To Follow Guide in Taking Care of Your Telescope

Protect Your Telescope Lenses

The lens is one of the most vital parts of this equipment and also the most sensitive. No matter how gentle you are in cleaning it, there will be minute scratches on its surface. So ultimately, you need to prevent them from getting dirty.

Always make sure that the lens cap is on when you are not viewing through it. If the one that you bought does not have one, you just have to improvise by using a shower cap or saran wrap. You need to do the same thing to the eyepiece as well.

Proper Removal of Dust on Lens with Air

If you have no choice and you really need to clean the lens, there is a proper way to do it. Don’t get your microfiber cloth right away and start wiping. This can do the lens a lot of damage.

The best way would be to use air in cleaning it. If you don’t have a gentle enough and appropriate tool, you can use your mouth. However, you should never blow on it since your saliva might get to the lens. The best way would be to cover the end of the lens with your fingers and start to suck air in from one side. This will eventually suck the dust on the lens if you do it the right way.

Easy To Follow Guide in Taking Care of Your Telescope
Easy To Follow Guide in Taking Care of Your Telescope

You Can Also Use a Brush

But not just any brush, use the brush that comes with the telescope you bought. These brushes have super soft bristles that do not leave any scratches on the lens. It is best used when there is already a collection of grim anywhere on the lens. You should also use a gentle blower when using the brush to blow away the dust.

Wipe Your Telescope with Microfiber

Eventually, the scope will gather some oil and grime from your hands and you need to take care of it. The best way would be to use the microfiber cloth from the kit. You may use any soft microfiber that you have. If the dirt is pretty stubborn, you can use the fog from your breath to get it wet and start wiping again.

Always Finish with the Lens Cleaning Fluid

Once you are happy with the cleaning that you did, the last step would be to use some cleaning liquid on it. This is the only time where you can use the microfiber cloth on your lens. The proper way to do it would be to drop two drops of the liquid to the microfiber towel. Once it is wet, you can then gently wipe it on the lens using a circular motion.

Proper Storage Of Your Telescope

When storing your telescope, it would be best to put it in a secure place where it will not fall or bump at any cost. Even if you put in in the case, you still need to make sure it is 100% secure. Lastly, find a place where there is no excessive condensation since they might harm the lens.