How To Choose The Right Telescope For Your Needs

Owning telescopes is not something that only astronomers can do. Apparently, every person who is curious to see the view in the outer space can now own this equipment. You may need to spend a decent amount to own one though. But, if you are a curious person or if you want a way to expand the horizon of your kids, it is a great investment.

Before you start shopping for your first telescope,  you need to consider a few things first. And that would be your budget, interest, and lifestyle. It will help you decide if you are going to buy the $50 telescope or the $450 one. And once you have decided on that, you can then start your hunt for your first telescope.

Here are some basic things that you should look at when shopping for a telescope:

Aperture is Vital

You should know that aperture is the most important feature of a telescope. It is basically the diameter of the light gathering mirror in the telescope. This means that the larger it is the better you will see objects through it. Astronomers use telescopes with apertures that are as large as 400 inches. And this allows them to see even the faintest images far off in the outer space in fine detail.

If you are a hobbyist, buying a telescope with an aperture that has 4 to 6 inches aperture will be good enough. It will already allow you to see some great views in the space especially if the weather is perfect.

Which Type of Telescopes Should You Buy

There are actually three types of telescopes in the market. It would be best to know the characteristics of each one for you to know which type best suits your needs.

Refractor Telescope s

-Great for viewing objects on Earth

-Simple and easy to use.

-Requires zero maintenance

-Often very sturdy

-Optics are safe with its sealed tube

Reflector Telescopes

-Compact and lightweight

-Best for looking at faint objects in the sky

-Pricier than refractors but performs better

-higher quality image compared to refractors

Compound Telescopes

-Specially designed for astrophorgraphy

-Works well for both Earth and sky objects

-Allows you to view faint objects in fine detail

-Best for professional use

Invest In A Good Telescope Mount

After buying the type of telescope that you wanted, the next step is to find the perfect mount for it. The telescope mounts are probably the most underrated of all telescope accessories, yet it is very vital. It is even more vital if you are planning to take astronomy for a hobby. The main thing that it does is it keeps your telescope secure while viewing through it. At the same time, high-quality mounts also make it easier to move the telescope in a different direction.  Some telescopes come with mounts or tripods, but if you are looking for heavy duty ones, it would be better if you buy.

Explore the Universe At Your Back Yard

Watching the stars and the moon through a telescope on those clear nights is a great activity to do with your kids. This greatly expands their understanding of their universe. It is also a great way to bond with them. You can easily buy high-quality telescopes online so you can start exploring the great beyond as soon as possible.

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