Great Wheel Cosmology- All You Need To Know

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The Great Wheel cosmology is a prevalent model of cosmology that was used in the world of Zedrelon. It was said to exist in the mid-9th century AT and post- First War era. The wheel is known as a cosmopolitan world in which Gods across many pantheons mingled together and they used to make the most of it. It also featured people of different faiths and people bleeding together in the Outer Planes. This wheel was also a series of concentric spheres. 

There are several planes that emerge within the great wheel cosmology. The inner planes consist of Ethereal and Prime that are also known as Elemental planes. Then comes the Astral Planes that are connected to the Outer Planes. This is all you need to know about Great Wheel Cosmology and this information will be beneficial for you. All this information about great wheel cosmology is amazing and you will love it. 

The Inner Planes


The Inner planets consist of sex main elemantal plains that include fire, water, air, Earth, positive energy, and negative energy. There are four para-elemental planes and eight quasi-elemental planes. This is all you need to know about Inner planes and you can make the most of this information. It is arranged in the sense that positive energy is in the north pole and negative energy is on the south pole. The other elemental planes are on the equator and they are equidistant from each other. Para-elemental planes are found on the equator between the boundaries of the four elemental planes. The quasi-elemental planes are found between positive energy and four elements whereas the other planes are found between negative energy and four elements. This is all you need to know about inner planes and you can make the most of this information. 

Fundamental Planes 


The parallel and prime planes are surrounded by the fundamental planes. The two planes include the Astral Sea and Elemental Chaos. The fundamental planes are called the basis for all other planes so these are very important. Although the truth about these planes is still not sure and more research is needed on this. The fundamental planes acted as home to some of the astral dominions and elemental realms that were smaller planes in the Astral Sea and Elemental Chaos. 

Parallel Planes 

Parallel planes are weird reflections of the Prime and they are formed if there is a will of the primordials. They were known as the imperfections of the Prime and so they are weird reflections. Parallel planes are nearest to the Prime but they are distinct in their shape and form.


This is all you need to know about great wheel cosmology and this information will make you feel great. If you are interested in this then you must read about great wheel cosmology and the part that it played in the world. It is a fascinating thing to learn about and you will feel awesome when you come to know about it.

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