Best Space Facts for Kids

space facts for kids

The universe is still a mystery until now, even after several human space missions. With this, children are the most curious when it comes to heavenly bodies. Share these facts with them! Read the best space facts for kids to them today.

Let the kids be inspired by the vastness of facts about the sun, planets, solar system, etc. Here are the full details now.

Do you know about these space facts?


If your kids show potential and curiosity of what are things found outside the Earth, then these facts can come in handy. Here are some of the best space facts that your kids should know. By the end of this article, your kids will know more and broaden their knowledge about the outer space.

Liquid water in Mars

For many years, people believed that there are no other planets with liquid water. It is not anymore! Mars has been found with it too. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration revealed it, so it is true.

Olympus Mons in Mars

Mars is something because it also has the tallest known volcano in the solar system. It is from the dozen other large volcanoes on the planet. Notably, it is a hundred times bigger than Mauna Loa, the planet’s tallest volcano.

Pluto Facts

Do you know that pluto was reclassified as a dwarf planet last 2006? Yes, it is true. The International Astronomical Union planetary standard was the reason behind it. Until today, the astronomical body is still not added back to the list of planets.

Numbers in the solar system

If you are thinking about counting the moons and other solar system bodies, you would not need to do it anymore. We have done it for you! Accordingly, there are three hundred thirty-six moons right now. The orbit planets are one hundred sixty-eight while the rest of the asteroids and the objects are uncountable.

Moon Facts

The moon is one of the universe’s mysteries and one of the best space facts for kids. It is undoubtedly a space fact for kids. However, there are some known facts about it too. These are observed and experienced first hand by many astronauts.

The moon’s temperature varies during the morning and night. It is so hot in the first, and it is so hot in the latter. Besides, gravity is 17% stronger in the satellite than on Earth. Being a satellite, it is the only natural one on our planet. It orbits around us like an asteroid.

Final Thoughts

A tree in a forest

If your kids ever love facts about the stars, the moon, sun, and anything found outer space, these facts can be very helpful to them. It is normal for kids to be curious of what is out there, and as a parent, it is your duty to educate them with this type of knowledge.

You can associate these facts with kid-friendly activities such as storytelling, or identifying outer space objects. There are also toys and educational material that you can associate these facts with for your child’s knowledge growth.

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