Astronomy And Its Related Fields Of Study

Astronomy and its related field of study

When you look up at the sky, don’t you wonder what is there! Astronomy is the study that helps in satisfying this human curiosity. And people who choose this study are known as astronomers.

Mostly, humans stay curious about the things that are beyond their reach. Whatever science proves by facts, logic, and events, it becomes the truthful landmark for everyone. But only studying astronomy doesn’t help to get all answers of the universe. There is much more than this to discover. Here are the related fields of astronomy without which it is incomplete.

Astronomy and its related field of study
Astronomy and its related field of study


If you choose to study the universe beyond earth or atmospheric boundaries, it is called astronomy. It includes all the events that cover the process from origin to collapse of the universal objects.


It contains all fields of physics that are required to understand astronomical phenomena. So, this branch of the astronomy deals with the physics of the universe. It includes density, temperature, gravity force, and other chemical compositions as well as reactions happening beyond earth.

Plasma astrophysics, interstellar, high energy astrophysics that reveals about gamma rays burst, shocks, intergalactic mediums, dust and plasma of outer space are also part of it.


Not only the earth but also the entire universe is not away from the biological events. However, it may surprise you that the universe has a biological system too. But it’s true. The study of developing biology system in the universe is known as Astrobiology.


The study of the entire cosmos is known as cosmology. It includes the origin, structure, and evolution of the universe as a whole. Well, it’s another stream of theoretical astrophysics at a larger scale.

It also contains cosmogony and galactic astronomy which studies structure and components of various galaxies. There are numerous such streams dealing with specific object, field, or area of the cosmos.

Planetary Science

Astronomy and its related field of study
Astronomy and its related field of study

The physics of planets, moons, stars and other planetary systems along with their formation, structure, and evolution are collectively called planetary science.

It includes the study of atmospheric science, exoplanetology, planetary formation, ring, surfaces, and interiors of planets. Known as the father of observational astronomy, the Galileo Galilei was a famous planetary astronomer.

Moreover, studying the physics and chemistry of the interplanetary medium is known as space science. There are various other branches like magnetospheres, solar physics, relativistic astrophysics, etc.

Final words

All and all, the name of the field of study is decided on the basis of its nature, but all are part of the same cluster ‘astronomy.’ Other than above, there are various disciplines of this study like Archaeoastronomy, Astrochemistry, Cosmic rays astronomy, stellar astronomy, etc.

But being an astronomer is not that easy as it seems to describe their names. However, amazing discoveries make these studies very interesting and fascinating.

It seems that the branches of astronomy are on its rise as the discoveries. So, find your interest first before choosing a suitable stream for you.

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