Astronomical Events: The Uncommon And Exciting

A Look At The Uncommon And Exciting Astronomical Events

There is so much activity happening like change in the core system or movement between planets etc. This results in astronomical events that leave us awestruck. Here are some such rare events that are truly amazing.

Total Solar Eclipse

You will say that a solar eclipse can happen so many times. So, what is rare about it? Well, a total solar eclipse is not something that will happen every time. In this, the moon will cover the sun completely for a short time. In this case, the disc of the sun will disappear into the crescent of the moon.

A Look At The Uncommon And Exciting Astronomical Events
Astronomical Events: The Uncommon And Exciting

Once In A Blue Moon

Therefore, this is not that the moon will appear blue. This is an astronomical event when the full moon will occur twice in the same month. This phenomenon will happen once in two years. This is a rare occurrence.

The Transition Of Venus

This event will happen once in 8 years. Here, Venus will traverse between the sun and the Earth. Venus will appear as a black dot on the sun. This can be seen from the surface of the Earth. The position of Venus in the shade of the sun will keep changing. It will take 110 years to get the same transit position.

The White Thunder Storm

This astronomical event will happen every 30 Earth years. Besides that, a storm formation will occur in the Northern Hemisphere of Saturn. These thunderstorms are much stronger as compared to that on the Earth. The length of this storm is half of the diameter of the Earth.

Astronomical Events: The Uncommon And Exciting
Astronomical Events: The Uncommon And Exciting

The Alignment Of The Planets

The alignment of the planets of the solar system occurs very rarely. According to the scientist, this alignment will now occur in the year 2040. The planetary alignment will occur between Mars, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, and Moon. In the year 2000, the alignment of Mars, Saturn, Venus, Mercury, and Jupiter was noted.

Halleys Comet

This is a periodic comet. It orbits around the sun in 75 years. When it is passing through the solar system, it gets illuminated by the reflection of the sun. This planet can be seen from the Earth. Halley will return to the solar system in the year 2061.

Halley Bopp Comet

This is a much brighter comet as compared to Halley’s comet. It was discovered in July 1995. According to the scientist, it took 2,392 years for the comet to orbit around the sun. This planet follows an unusual path. Therefore, the closest approach of this comet to the planets is very rare.

Leonid Meteor Storm

This storm will occur when Earth passes through the orbit of comet Tempel-Tuttle. The comet will circle the sun every 33 years. You can expect 1,000 meteors in an hour during this storm. This will last for around 15 minutes.

These are some of the amazing events that occur. These events show that our universe is truly wonderful and mysterious.