Astrology Elements You Need to Know

The most important thing about Astrology is the process of predicting the future. This starts with observing the Sun, Moon, and Stars. It is the astrological predictions that allow an individual to determine his or her life purpose, and what form that life is taking. You cannot predict a person’s life – that’s not possible! This article is about the important astrology elements.

When observing the celestial body called the Sun. The Astrologer recognizes how these four elements help in determining the state of a person’s life. These four elements are the Sun’s Astral Body, or the Ascendant. They are seen as the four points that make up the shape of the zodiac sign.

Astrology Elements

Astrology Elements You Need to Know
Astrology Elements You Need to Know

While studying this complex astrological relationship, we can be sure that astrological predictions are able to provide us with a way to understand and interpret the relationships of the earth and the moon in our daily lives.

The Sun’s first element is the sextile or square. As the name implies, this element makes it easy for us to find our place in the universe. This is the primary element in all life-giving energies.

The second element is the time or direct. The word “trine” means “in an indirect way.” It provides us with a direct path in the future. The third element is the quincunx or octave.

The fourth element is the quattuorine or ninth. When the sextile and the line intersect, it makes it easy for us to see our destiny. And the last element is the ‘tetrad’ or septenary. This is the last element, the astrological prediction for the end of our lives.

Astrological Prediction

In astrological predictions, the more important elements are the ones that we need to keep in mind and pay attention to. There are other planets that we might want to take into consideration. But the number one thing that will affect our destiny is the placement of the Sun. It is also wise to keep the Moon in mind.

The sextile is the easiest to understand, as it requires no consideration of any other element. The trine, as it is known, allows us to feel our connection to the Sun. But we still need to have our eyes on the Moon. The octave or quincunx is a nice tie-breaker, and the eighth provides a good middle ground, allowing us to know where we are in our lives without much struggle.

The exile has to do with our connection to the Sun, and the trine is our connection to the Moon. We are connected to the trine, but it is the trine that requires our focus. The sextile provides us with that feeling of sharing the sun’s connection, but we need to be aware of the Moon’s presence. It is the Moon that is important, so it is not a difficult concept to understand.

Beneficial Element

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The octave is a very important and beneficial element, as the Sun and Moon are at their strongest during this period of time. This is the energy that defines our future, and we need to have a sense of direction in order to create a loving relationship with our Sun and Moon. This is one of the five-element signs and is one of the strongest.

The second, the quincunx is one of the hardest to understand, as it makes us think that we are really following the course of some trick or play. But, it’s actually te opposite. It requires us to look out for the Moon in order to view our destiny, as well as the Sun’s connection to it.

When searching for astrological predictions, or the astrological forecast, you must remember that this is a very complicated tool. It requires our active participation in order to decipher the bigger picture.

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