Amazing Facts About Our Solar System


Technology has helped humans gain ample understanding of what lies outside Earth. And the efforts to get more knowledge through with the help of powerful telescopes and space missions are still on-going. Yet, even the scientist know that what we know about our solar system will forever be just a speck.

8 Interestingly Weird Facts About Our Solar System
8 Interestingly Weird Facts About Our Solar System

Our solar system is an enchanting and interesting subject. It is full of things that are range from the awe-inspiring to the bizarre. We have listed some of the interestingly weird facts about that have left us wondering. Hopefully, it could spark your curiosity too.

Mars has a giant volcano

Space is full of large things and one of them is the Olympus Mons of Mars. It is the biggest volcano in space that we have discovered so far. According to scientists, this volcano is 16 miles high or triple the height of our own Mt. Everest. It also spans 374 miles making it the same size as Arizona.

Super-powerful high-temperature winds blow inside Venus

One reason why we humans never thought about setting foot on Venus is that it is a hellish planet. The upper winds in it flow 50 times faster than its rotation. What’s the worst part is that these winds reach up to almost 900 degrees Celsius.

There is water ice scattered all over the solar system

Water ice is a rare space substance that scientists believe can help humans survive life in space. Basically, it is a water source and it as a common component of comets and asteroids. The existence of water ice on the moon has been recently confirmed. There may also be high concentrations of it on Mars.

8 Interestingly Weird Facts About Our Solar System
8 Interestingly Weird Facts About Our Solar System

There is abundant organics in the solar system

The molecules that are present in both life and non-life processes we call organic are common in space. Earth is a planet very rich in organics. What’s interesting is that it was recently found to also exist in Mercury, Saturn’s moon, and Mars.

Sun’s atmosphere is way hotter than its surface

You might think that the hottest part of the sun is its visible surface, but it is actually not. Its Photosphere may reach up to 5,500 degrees Celsius but it is nothing compared to what surrounds it. The upper atmosphere of the Sun can actually reach millions of degrees causing an unusual differential.

Mercury is contracting and getting smaller

Recent mapping data on Mercury revealed that new cliff-like landforms have formed on its surface. This means that the planet is still shrinking even after 4.5 billion years from the time it formed.

Large Planet-like objects possibly exist outside our solar system

Astronomers from California Institute of Technology announced the existence of a “Planet Nine”. It could be a giant planet lurking beyond Neptune. This claim is solely based on mathematical calculations and simulations. There is no solid tangible evidence yet.

The possibility of life somewhere in the solar system is possible

We are not talking super-intelligent beings in UFOs here. But as humans learn more about extreme microbes, the belief that they could exist in the outer space gets stronger. They could be there in volcanic vents and frozen environments on other planets. And they are just waiting for discovery.

Read more and you will find out that our universe is a marvelous place.