All About The Refracting Telescope


Astronomy enthusiasts must be aware that refracting telescope is an important type of telescope. Today let us understand the important details about this technological invention. This invention is truly a boon to the world.

What Is A Refracting Telescope?

This is a type of optical telescope. It is also known as a refractor. This dioptric telescope will make use of a lens as the objective to form the image. This design is used in astronomical telescopes, long focus camera lenses, etc.

All That You Need To Know About Refracting Telescope
All That You Need To Know About Refracting Telescope

The Working Of This Telescope

It makes use of two lenses. Both these lenses are convex in shape. Hence it will produce an image which will make you feel that the far off object is close to you. These convex lenses will bend the light inwards. The convex lens will spread out the light  from the concave lens. This will help in giving a clearer view of the object that is far away. This telescope will have two important parts. These are the objective lens and the eyepiece.

Uses Of Refracting Telescope

All That You Need To Know About Refracting Telescope
All That You Need To Know About Refracting Telescope

These type of telescopes are normally used for viewing the objects of the solar system. The glass lenses are arranged inside a metal tube. These will gather the light from distant objects. Like the planets, clusters of stars etc. One can study the astronomical objects in more detail when you make use of interchangeable magnifying eyepieces.

Advantages Of This Type Of Telescope

These telescopes are sturdier as compared to other telescopes. Usually, after the initial alignment, you will not have to repeat the alignment again and again. The glass surface inside the tube does not have to be cleaned on a regular basis. This is because this surface is sealed. As compared to the reflector telescope the images in this telescope have more clarity. The images are found to be much sharper as compared to that of reflector telescope of the same size.

The Disadvantages Of Refractor Telescope

They will have the problem of chromatic aberration. In this problem, there will be a deviation in the colour and distortion. It will produce a rainbow of colours around the image. Ultraviolet light will not pass through the lens. The wavelength of the light will decide whether the light will pass through the lens or not.

As the thickness of the lens will increase then it will affect the passing of light through the lens. This is a glass lens so there are bound to be imperfections. Also, it is very difficult to get the perfect curvature on both sides of the lens.

Home Of The Largest Refractor

It is built at Yerkes Observatory which is located at Wisconsin in the United States. It was built in 1897. Here a lens has been used instead of mirror. The diameter of the primary lens is 1.02 meters that 3 feet and 4 inches.

These are some of the most important details of a refractor. If you have plans to buy one then you need to take into account the objective as well as the budget.