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6 Bizzare Cosmology Theories You Have To Read

6 Weird And Bizarre Cosmology Theories Ever Released

Cosmology is a creative branch of astronomy that studies about the origin and evolution of the universe. This is a pretty broad and oftentimes complicated topic. And this is why some pretty weird ideas get thrown around its community. Not all the ideas and theories have a solid scientific basis and measurements. Either way, they are quite fascinating to read.

6 Weird And Bizarre Cosmology Theories Ever Released
6 Weird And Bizarre Cosmology Theories Ever Released

Universes are evolving

Lee Smolin of Perimeter Institute in Canada suggested that universes make babies universes. Smolin based this idea that matter could bounce back when compressed to extreme densities at the center of a black hole. When it bounces back, it produces a baby universe as an offspring. So this means that universes with a lot of black holes can dominate the population of a multiverse.

Superfluid space-time

The new theory that space-time is nothing but superfluid that flows in zero friction is weird. It actually suggests that galaxies vortices caused by the superfluid scattering due to the rotation of the universe. Lastly, this theory also suggests that our universe was born out of a collapsing star. That stellar matter and superfluid space combined and spawned dark energy.

6 Weird And Bizarre Cosmology Theories Ever Released
6 Weird And Bizarre Cosmology Theories Ever Released

The Cosmic Ghost

A team of physicist discovered a strange substance while making adjustments to the theory of relativity. They called the substance “ghost condensate” and it popped some new cosmology theories. This substance can produce repulsive energy to cause cosmic inflation. Aside from that, when it clumps together, it could also produce dark matter. All of it means that three modern cosmology mysteries can be actually wrapped in one ghostly presence.

The Universe is small

A theory that the universe is not as big as we think got released recently. The suspicious deficiency in the cosmic microwave background sparked this idea. But the weirdest thing about this theory is when it suggested that the universe is funnel-shaped.

Gravity reaches out

This theory suggests in a way that dark matter does not exist. And that what we consider as dark matter is only the odd behavior of gravity. It says that does not fade away as quickly and could possibly be the force that holds galaxies and clusters together.

Actual cosmology theory-We live in the matrix

When talking about weird and bizarre cosmology theories, this should always be present. Nick Bostrom, actually claimed that we are possibly living inside a computer simulation. He says that living in the matrix is possible assuming that humans have learned to simulate consciousness. As a result, most perceived universes are nothing but simulations, including the one we are in right now.

The truth is, a lot of things will still remain a mystery for cosmology

There is so much to know about our the universe that even the leading experts in cosmology admit that it is something that we will not fully grasp. The great thing about it is that humans have this penchant for thinking creatively. All the ideas no matter how wayward they may seem could possibly be the key to understanding some of the essential questions that we have. I guess all we just need to wait and see if the answers to these questions come in our lifetime.

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