5 Observatories Around The World You Should Know Of

top 5 highest observatory locations

To observe and study terrestrial and celestial events, astronomers require observatories which makes their work easy. So, astronomical observatory locations on the ground with the highest elevations make it easier to read universal things.

There are four types of observatories for astronomy. They were space-based, Ground-based, underground, and airborne observatory locations. In this piece of article, we will talk about the highest astronomical observatory locations in the world.

top 5 highest observatory locations
top 5 highest observatories

1. The Atacama Desert, Chile

Out of the top 5 highest astronomical observatories, four are situated in Atacama Desert of Chile. So, the contribution of this place cannot be denied while studying the highest observatory locations.

University of Tokyo Atacama Observatory (TAO) is at the top among all observatories in the world with an elevation of 5640 Meters. And this optical, infrared telescope site is located in the base of Cerro Chajnantor telescope site.

Besides it, other astronomical study bases are James Ax Observatory (5200 Meters), Atacama Cosmology Telescope (5190M), and Llano de Chajnantor Observatory (5104 Meters).

2. Andes, Bolivian

Following the Atacama Desert, Andes Bolivia is the second in the list of the highest elevator observatories. With an elevation of 5230 meters, Chacaltaya Astrophysical observatory is situated at Chacaltaya site.

It was first started in 1942 as a weather station. Gradually, the site became so important that it started studying Gama rays and Cosmic rays. It is one of the oldest yet prominent observatories among all.

The research group of the place belongs to Universidad Mayor de San Andre. In order to monitor and study essentials climate variables, the site is also hosting Chacaltaya GAW Station.

3. Tibet Autonomous Region, China

The sixth highest telescope laboratory is Shiquanhe Observatory with an elevation of 16700 feet. Also known as NAOC Ali Observatory, it is situated at Shiquanhe in Ngari Plateau. Established in 2011, the site uses optical telescopes to research the cosmos.

Other than this, Yangbajing International Cosmic Ray Observatory is also in China having an elevation of 4300 meters. However, unlike NOAC, it is situated at Yangbajain site.

top 5 highest observatory locations
top 5 highest observatory locations

4. Salta, Argentina

Large Latin American Millimetre Array (LLAMA) is situated at Alto de Chorrillos with an elevation of 4825 meters. However, the laboratory is under construction yet. But it is very specific and sure about its scope of research and instruments. Its research type is submillimetre through LLAMA and QUBIC.

5. Ladakh, India

Indian Astronomical Observatory is India’s highest elevated astronomical observation center situated on Mount Saraswati. It was established in 2001 at an elevation of 14800 feet. The focus area of it is infrared gamma-ray and optical observatory through instruments like Himalayan Chandra Telescope and HAGAR.

Final Words

Before the 20th century, the astronomical telescope sites were situated at moderate elevations and faced issues after an increment in the population of those cities. So, other influential factors like pollution, distance from the city, industrial growth, and other revolutions affect such star seeing sites too. Eventually, it resulted in the shifting of observatories in remote and hilly areas.

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