5 Important Tips To Buying A Refracting Telescope

5 Important Tips In Buying A Refracting Telescope

People who observe objects in the outer space as a hobby or even as a career love a good refracting telescope. This is due to the fact that this type offers a lot of upsides than the others. It is a great choice if you are looking for both quality and dependability.

5 Important Tips In Buying A Refracting Telescope
5 Important Tips In Buying A Refracting Telescope

The technology used to make this type of telescope allows it to form a clearer and starker close-up image. It owes this to the dioptric lenses inside it that works pretty much like a great camera zoom. Many researchers and photographers prefer to use it while using large apertures to see far-away images better. And that means it is perfect for a hobbyist like you too.

But before you jump into buying your first ever refracting telescope. Read these tips first to get the best value for your money.

Don’t Get Blinded by Power

A lot of telescopes in the market get advertised as “high-power”. It would be really easy to get attracted to a scope that promises 300x power. What you should know that power is actually overrated when it comes to telescopes. High magnification does help in making objects appear larger. However, it also means that it collects a lot of light making images look fainter in your eyepiece. If you are only planning to view the beautiful clusters and nebulae across the sky, a lower power one will provide you better viewing.

Aperture Size is Essential

The aperture in a refracting telescope’s objective lens is the key to its power. Its ability to gather light is directly proportional to the size of the aperture inside it. Once the ability to gather light is high, the better the images you will see. You can read more about aperture since it is really important. But if you don’t have the time to do that, just pick one with 60 mm or 80 mm aperture and it will work great for sure.

Picking an Eyepiece

Normally, when you buy a telescope it comes with 1 or 3 eyepieces included in the set. The one lowest millimeter rating offers higher magnification. And just like with power, a high magnification capacity does not mean better viewing. Low power eyepieces are actually better for amateur observers since it makes finding and viewing objects easier.

5 Important Tips In Buying A Refracting Telescope
5 Important Tips In Buying A Refracting Telescope

Invest in a Good Mount

Any amateur astronomer who wants to have a pleasurable experience in viewing objects in space should invest in a good mount. The amount will make the whole act easier by keeping the scope steady in its place. Any wobble or extra movement will make you lose what you are viewing instantly.

There are two types to choose from. An Altazimuth mount allows you to move the telescope up and down then back and forth. On the other hand, an Equatorial mount allows you to follow the objects in the sky.

Never Buy the Cheap Ones

The cheap refracting telescope that you saw in the department store can be a waste of money. They might be affordable and oftentimes looks decent enough, but they will never perform like the real one. And you don’t necessarily have to throw money on the very expensive ones. Set a budget and put in some time shopping for the best deals in the market. You can easily find these deals online of high-quality mid-priced telescopes out there. Just avoid getting suckered into buying a cheap one that will end up being useless.