5 Awesome Facts About The Hubble Telescope

Awesome Things You Need To Know About The Hubble Telescope

Without the Hubble Space Telescope, humans would have been forever wondering what it looks like way beyond the galaxy. Of course, other space data gathering instruments have contributed to that. However, the most stunning and fantastic images that we came from the Hubble. A giant telescope in Earth’s lower orbit that has been there since 1900.

There are actually a few interesting things to know about it. Let’s begin.

Awesome Things You Need To Know About The Hubble Telescope
Awesome Things You Need To Know About The Hubble Telescope

Hubble is the last name of an influential astronomer

This space telescope took its name from Edwin Hubble. He was an American astronomer who substantially helped broaden scientist’s view of the universe. His views and observations of the galaxies other than our own are relevant up until now. One of his greatest discoveries was when he determined that Andromeda is actually a galaxy and not a nebula.

It is the main source of the deep space photos we see today

1995 was the time when it showed the world what it was capable of. Its operators allowed it to stare at a random direction for 10 days hoping it would catch something interesting. The lengthy exposure actually paid off with the set of images called the “Hubble Deep Field”. This set of images showed humans the most astonishing images of galaxies and star systems never seen before. In the present, it has already supplied us with 5000 stunning images of galaxies.

Hubble only takes black and white photos

All the colorful images of galaxies,  nebulae, and supernovae released to the public all went through post-production. In this process, a team adds in the color and the details that would have been invisible to our naked eye. The operators use multiple filters when taking photos of a single area to catch the different wavelengths of light. The different images are then overlaid to create a color composite for the final image.

Awesome Things You Need To Know About The Hubble Telescope
Awesome Things You Need To Know About The Hubble Telescope

The technology used in Hubble helped in cancer detection

NASA’s effort to improve the telescope’s ability to detect black holes resulted in a chip that the medical world also uses right now. It is now applied in equipment used to detect breast cancer. Because of this, imaging women’s breast tissue is easier. Not only that, but it also helps doctors determine if a tumor is benign or malignant.

You can request to use the Hubble telescope

Once a year, interested parties can actually apply to use the telescope. The institute that houses the Hubble allows the chosen applicant to conduct his observation using the telescope. It won’t be that easy though. The competition is actually tough. Your proposal should really impress the institute to get accepted.

The successor of Hubble telescope will soon launch into space

The Hubble is actually way past its life span. It was actually only proposed to serve for only 15 years. To keep it running, NASA has made 5 servicing missions. But in a few years, it can finally retire.  The James Webb Telescope is set to launch anytime soon and it will be way better in every aspect. Aside from that, it will be taking images from 1000 million miles from the Earth. With a combination of high-tech cameras and a better vantage point, there is no doubt that we will have a clearer view of what’s beyond.

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