4 Sensible Reasons Why We Need To Colonize Mars

Human beings colonizing another planet is not a scene in a science fiction movie anymore. It is a future reality that the leading minds in the world are starting to build. And they have their sights on Mars which is millions of miles away from Earth. But why are we actually doing this by the way?

If you are one of those people who are asking why we need to try making Mars the next human frontier, you are not alone. There are actually a handful of answers to your question. Apparently, there are some pretty good reasons why we should. This is all according to people who are front running this effort. Try to see if you agree with most of them.

Ensuring the survival of human race

This reason comes first because it is the most important. Nobody is actually saying that something bad will happen which will wipe out our entire species. Yet the big question remains-What are we going to do if it does happen? Having a thriving community of humans on another planet is the best back up plan in case the worst happens. And there is no better time to make the necessary actions to make this happen than now.

There is also that possibility that we abuse this world until it becomes inhabitable. At least we would have a place to start all over again.

We already have the technology to start attempting to Land on Mars

People in the space exploration circle are confident that our technology is ready. What they mean to say that making a space ship that can carry and land the first humans to Mars is possible. And once the passengers have landed, they have a way to make Mars habitable to humans. The stuff that they are talking about is not for the layman, but it sure does make a layman excited.

There is no guarantee that everything is going according to plan in the first Mars Mission. But the first attempt will pave the way to eventual success in being multi-planetary.

Mars seems to have what we need

We will not be thinking about expanding our species to Mars if it did not show signs that it can support human life. Unlike the others, this planet has high deposits of ice. Humans can simply thaw the ice and turn it into water. Aside from that, this planet also has some of the minerals that we can use to start a civilization.

It is the destiny of the human race

If we try to look back, there seems to be some major event bound to happen that drives every specie on Earth to extinction. Take what happened to the dinosaurs for example. It could be the Earth’s way of replenishing itself.

We belong to specie that is in some ways intelligent enough to find a way out of the next major extinction event. And space exploration and multi-planetary colonization is the solution to that. So, you can actually say that it is our destiny to embark on a journey that will take us to another home. 

And if that time does come, let’s hope that it is way far off the future when evacuating from our planet to Mars will be as easy as travelling to another country.

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