4 Companies That Will Take You To Space

At some point, every human being in this world has aspired to be in space. Just like in the movies, floating freely inside a space ship while watching the expanse of the universe through a large window.  But the sad reality is that only a chosen few have what it takes to become an astronaut. So does this mean that going to space is completely impossible for ordinary people? Well, not entirely.

The concept of Space Tourism is actually emerging right now. In fact, there is a really big chance the actual space travel for civilians might not be too far ahead. A handful of visionary companies are actually working on making it possible as we speak. And by the looks of it, they are making some significant progress.

Just in case you deeply interested in going outside the Earth’s orbit someday. You should look out for updates from these companies.

Virgin Galactic

This company lead by the adventurous Sir Richard Branson is in some ways the pioneer of the idea of Space Tourism. They have long announced their plan to send customers to sub-orbital spaceflight. In December 2018, they tested out their spaceplane VSS Unity by launching it into the outer space. Furthermore, they already have an extensive waiting list of hopeful customers. All of these customers paid a deposit of  £200,000 just to be in the list.


There are talks that SpaceX which is led by Elon Musk will be the first company to send space tourists into space. This due to their extensive experience in launching flights to the outer space. In 2017, the SpaceX CEO announced that they will send 2 paying customers on a trip around the moon. The flight was initially planned for 2018 but delayed due to some reasons. However, if you have followed the journey of this company. You know they will come through.

Blue Origin

Considered as a newcomer in the galactic tourism game, there is also a lot of excitement about this company. One reason for that is that this company is mainly funded by Jeff Bezos, the CEO of Amazon and currently the richest man in the world. With its deep pockets and ability to get great talent, Blue Origin looks promising. They are not taking in reservations yet. As far as everybody knows, they are planning to send 6 people in one flight to enjoy the view and do weightless somersaults.

Boeing Space Department

This company’s efforts to get into the space tourism niche is actually getting a lot of attention. It is partly because they have signed an Agreement with NASA as a part of their Commercial Crew Development program. Another reason why some people are betting that they will be first is their deep experience. This company has been making spacecraft for the U.S.A. for quite some time now. With their tenure, technology, and expertise, they just launch first.

Might As Well Be A Space Tourist

If you have been dreaming of seeing the outer space in your own two eyes, this could be your chance. As you expect, being a space tourist won’t be cheap. The good thing is that this whole industry is still in its early building stages. This means that you still have time to build your own fortune to afford it.

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